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Frequently Asked Questions

What age is appropriate to enrol in the abacus program?


Sliding beads abacus program is designed for whole brain development and works extremely well for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years.

What kinds of math problem will my child able to solve?


Our Abacus training program will prepare your child to solve both basic and advanced math problems including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With GAP / GJA programs, your child will be able to solve complex math calculations such as 387 * 453 / 2048 in their heads faster than with a calculator!

Do we need to buy the Abacus?


All the materials including the books and the Abacus will be provided to your child when you enrol them in the program.

How does your program improve my child's confidence and prepare him for competitions?


To be successful and win, accuracy and speed are the two most important criteria. Accuracy is the base and speed comes with time. Our GAP / GJA program helps your child with both accuracy and speed in solving the problems using their hidden mental abilities.

How can GELS Abacus and Brain Gym program help nurturing your child's intelligence?


GELS Abacus & Brain Gym program has been designed to improve not only a child's calculating ability and understanding of arithmetic, but also to increase the memory power and creativity, the concentration level and the listening skill, as well as the ability to analyze problem. On top of loving math for lifelong success, our ultimate goal is to build the child's confidence level in their school work and life.
By using the well-researched methodology, the abacus programme helps children quickly improve their ability to calculate as much as 2 to 10 times. By stimulating both the left and the right sides of the brain during the training process, experts believe that abacus & mental arithmetic (MA) training is the key to optimal learning capability.

What is brain Gym?


Brain Gym was created in the 1960's by Paul and Gail Dennison. Brain Gym is a program of 26 physical movements that enhance learning & performance in all areas. Brain Gym can be used to improve a wide range of learning, attention and behaviour skills. The whole body movements activate the whole brain promoting integrated, joyful learning.

Don't calculators and computers make the Abacus unnecessary?


The popularity of the abacus as a counting tool steadily declined after the invention of the calculator, especially in western countries. However Asian countries like China and Japan having realized its potential benefits continued to use the abacus and incorporated it in their education system.

The Calculator is a computing device whereas an abacus is a counting tool used while mentally computing a numerical operation. Children who are trained in abacus from a young age are capable of performing complex mathematical calculations, sometimes even faster than a calculator.

What is required to earn a certificate?


After the completion of every level, your child is entitled for the Certificate. Towards the end of each level, your child will have a Model Exam. After the same, your child will have the Main Exam. Based on the performance your child is now ready to learn the next level.

As a parent what is my role?


Your support is a crucial factor to really get the best out of this programme. Only with your participation wonderful results can be achieved. And that's true about everything, with your child.

  • You may visit the sliding beads centre on a regular basis to interact with the teacher to know about your child's performance.
  • You can see your child's books after every session and assist them in their daily practice.
  • You may ensure that your child has a 100% attendance. Please do not take leave or remain absent unless it is really necessary.
  • You may seek answers for all your questions and clarifications. If you are clear, you will definitely help your child. So please ask questions!
  • You should motivate your child whenever it is required and that gives the enthusiasm to perform.

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